Pageant 2019 Rules

Become 7th Miss Nepal US (2019)


I. Overview

Miss Nepal US (AKA Miss Nepal USA/मिस नेपाल अमेरिका) national pageant is not just a beauty pageant, but an avenue to promote Nepal's beauty, culture, significance and support causes on an international platform. With the motto of 'Empowering Youths, Promoting Nepal', the event also serve as a platform for all the participants to achieve their personal, professional and philanthropic goals with valuable interactions and experience of empowerment gained throughout the contest. Further, Miss Nepal US event celebrate the arts and culture of Nepalese American and crown intelligence, talent and beauty. Hosted by Nebraska Nepalese Society, 7th edition of Miss Nepal US (2019) will be held on October 12, 2019 in Omaha, NE, USA. 


II. Application Eligibility & Criteria
● All unmarried Nepalese women, age between 18-29 who are residing in USA can participant in 7th Miss Nepal US 2019 event.  

● Must be living  in USA and have eligible document to travel in & out of USA.

● Must be of good health and moral character.

● Must have previous leadership experience (school, college, community) and/or have a strong passion to develop leadership qualities.

● Must have the willpower to grow with, adapt to, and find balanced solutions to various challenges. 

● Must submit application online at and must pay non-refundable application fee ($100).

Application Deadline: September 21st, 2019
III. Audition
Short listed candidates based on their application will be contacted for the audition. Depending on the number of applications received we will conduct a local audition or over a video conferencing software.

Category                                                          Percentage

Meet application eligibility criteria                         20%

Academic / Social

Work Activities / Vision                                           20%

Personality & Walk                                                 20%

Communication & Confidence - Q&A                   40%


Total percent                                                         100%
Audition Date: September 3-22, 2019
Audition Method: Video Conference/Live


IV. Workshop & Training: October 9-11, 2019


Come with your enthusiasm and spark; that is what we look for in our contestants. It is solely your attitude; intellectual vigor, independent spirit and your willingness to learn and grow that will set you apart from the rest and will eventually chart your way towards the title. Rest, our mentors will cast a magic spell on your personality and coach you into your success.


Pre-Training Preparation


● All participants must come into the pageant with confidence, positive attitude, a willingness to learn rigorous routines in a short time, and their own unique stage presence.
● Basic runway walk knowledge & skill


Residential Training / Workshop 


● Training will be provided by professional Choreographer and Trainers.
● Participants will be required to learn multiple routines in the given time frame.
● Participants will be given a training schedule. All participants are required to comply with the times stated on the schedule or consequences will result in their final score.
● Participants are encouraged to work with one another to build and maintain a strong MISS NEPAL US network.  

● Leadership Training - Building your Brand & Formal Etiquette
● How to network - Workshop followed by Networking Gala 
● Indoor/Outdoor Photo-shoot
● Group excursion

Training & Workshop Fee : $699


*The above fee covers your 4 days (October 9-12, 2019) accommodation (Shared room), Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Training and Workshop fee, City Tour, Finale Dresses (to be returned after the show) , Miss Nepal US Welcome Kit and Professional Photo-shoot. Please note: Out of state participant must bear their own travel expense, however we will make arrangements for local transportation. 

In the past most of our participants were successful to fund-raise / crowd raise their expenses including travel expenses with the help of friends and family, co-workers, local sponsors. We understand most of our applicants are students so we will help our best to find you sponsors to participate in the show. 


IV. Talent Show


Each selected finalist will  have to show their talent during talent show organized before grand finale event. Organizer will inform about talent show in details at least one week prior to Grand Finale event. Talent includes Singing, Dancing, Poetry, Speech, instant panting, etc. 


V. Grand Finale & Crowning: October 12, 2019


Here is a chance for every aspiring young girl who has traveled to this 'land of opportunity' to earn international fame and add wings to her dreams. Amid wide acclaim and new avenues of success, the winner will be a youth icon for the young generation and add glory to the Nepali community globally.
Basically, finalist will be performing on following segments:


● Cultural/Introduction Round
● Evening Gown/ Q &A Round
● Title Announcement & Crowning
Choreographer will make final decision and above format subjected to change any time depend up on various situation and need. Each finalist will be provide details about different segment of performance one week prior to training & workshop start.
Judging Criteria
We aim at identifying talented young women who can uphold our national pride in United States and around the world. We pride ourselves in the fact that our judging criteria for the Miss Nepal US are grounded on our search for an inner beauty which the participants shall display through their intelligence and meritorious conduct throughout the competition. Hence, participants are not required to expose their body in swimsuits. In fact, we have intentionally abandoned such need for the pageant. The finalist will show their brain and beauty in this particular day. The winner for the this beauty pageant will be chosen based on following judging criteria:
● Ability to bring personality to routines.
● Overall attitude, discipline and performance during Training & workshop
● Stage presence during grand finale - confidence, poise, grace
● Leadership Quality - Vision/goal of how you will contribute to this year’s theme.
● Communication - ability to answer questions with own perspective and vision.
The grand finale event shall be graced by members of jury, celebrities and dignitaries who have achieved eminence in their life along with spectacular performances and cuisine to perk us all up.


Grand Finale: Date & Venue

Date: October 12, 2019

Venue:Truhlsen Events Center at UNMC (619 S 425nd St, Omaha, NE 68198)

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