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Who is the host of Miss Nepal US 2019?
In association with Miss Nepal US LLC, Nebraska Nepalese Society hosting 7th edition of Miss Nepal US on October 12, 2019 in Omaha, NE, USA

How many Miss Nepal US beauty pageant held so far?

Miss Nepal US was held in 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 & 2018. The 7th Miss Nepal US 2019 beauty pageant grand finale will be held in OMAHA,Nebraska on August 19, 2018.

How do I become a contestant in the Miss Nepal US pageant?

Fill out the Application Form here, pay the required Application Fee; you will receive confirmation for your registration. Now, show up for the audition and give your best. More information about the process can be found on the Apply Now tab.​

Do I qualify if I'm a US citizen born in New York, my mother is also US citizen born in CA, and my dad is a US citizen born in Nepal?

Yes, since your dad was born in Nepal you are still qualified for participation. We choose to cherish any association with Nepal rather than the current citizenship status.​

Do I qualify if I'm a US citizen born in Nepal, but both my parents are US citizens?

Yes, you are qualified.

I'm a US citizen born in NY and I study Nepali History in NYU, I also lived in Nepal for 5 years, but I am not Nepali do I qualify?

No, unless you or your parents were born in Nepal, you are not qualified to participate.

I will be 18 years old on August 30, 2019, do I qualify?

Yes, you must be 18 years old at the time of application or by above date to fulfill the criteria.

I am a 23-year-old Married woman, do I qualify?

No, though you are within the age-group of the potential contestants, only unmarried women can participate.

Are there any height or weight requirements to compete in the pageant?

Absolutely not! We believe that your character and motivation, and not your body proportion, is a measure of your individuality. The members in the jury are more interested in seeing our personality shine. Refer to Eligibility page in Apply Now tab for more information.

Is there a swimsuit contest?

No, there are no events requiring the participants to don a swimsuit or obligate revealing of her body.

What if I pay the application fee and at last moment I have an emergency, which will cause me to miss the audition, may I get refund?

No, All application fees are non-refundable.

I have a scar or body imperfection, will this be a problem?

No, there are far more important things to look at: your attitude, opinions and aspirations.

I have not been in Pageants; do I have a chance of becoming Miss Nepal US?

You have in you what it takes to be a winner. In fact, through our past experience we can attest that most of the winners in the pageant are all new-comers.

If I am selected from audition, do I have to pay any further fee to attend the training & final event?

After the audition, the shortlisted finale contestants are responsible for finding their personal sponsors to cover the training and workshop fee which amounts to $999. This amount will cover your expenses including training sessions, food and all the pageant-related group excursion and cultural events.

How does “Training and Workshop Fee” work?

Collecting training and workshop fee is very important. It takes time and commitment on your part. You start with a list of potential sponsors such as friends and family members and their employers. Plan your approach and make it a point to explain your goals and aspiration behind attending the Miss Nepal US event, the charities you believe in and the opportunities for winning. Let them know what your experience will entail. Highlight the fact that you will announce your sponsor’s name during the introductory round in the final event. This might be of special interest to companies. Consider this as a part of the process in improving your communication skill. It is an essential characteristic to have if you’re going to be the next Miss Nepal US. Our target is for every contestant to collect the full training and workshop fee. If you work hard at it, it is possible that you will not incur any expenses out of your pocket. Besides, there is an army of organizing committee to assist you in this process.

What if I raise more sponsorship money than the required training and workshop fee?

You may collect more than the required sponsorship fee. If you do so you can use the additional money for your air-fare and lodging expense that you may have during the course of your preparation and competition in the pageant.

What should I do if a personal sponsor gives me cash for my training and workshop fee?

If you receive cash contributions for your sponsorship fee, you may prefer a money order or send us a personal check. Please DO NOT send cash through mail at any time. If the cash you collected exceeds the sponsorship fee for the pageant, then you’re not required to send in the additional amount.

What will happen if I can’t find the personal sponsor to cover training and workshop fee?

If you can’t find any personal sponsors, you are responsible for the all the charges involved with the training as well as the travel expenses to and from pageant training and final event location. We urge you to work closely with the organizing committee throughout the process that such situation does not arise.

I live very close to the venue for the final training. Can I rather stay home and commute to training every day?

No, all final contestants are required to stay at the sponsored hotel and follow the program schedule of the workshop. We have designed the workshop in a residential format in order to foster a close-knit relationship between the contestants. We believe such bonds will enhance the learning process and make it more fun all the way. There will be free times during the training sessions when you can explore the city or visit your close by family.

Is it possible to have one of my parents stay with me during training period?

We’d rather not. We want the contestants to immerse themselves in a new-found community of fellow contestants and challenge themselves for nurturing an independent spirit. In any case, your parents are responsible for their own expenses.

How do my family and friends get tickets to attend the pageant?

Ticket information will be listed on the website once they have been set.

What should my family and friends wear to the pageant?

Not particular but we recommend anything from business casual to formal wear for the pageant finals.

What is the "Introduction or Opening Number Outfit" for?

At the beginning of the show for the pageant, each contestant will be introduced to the audience with an upbeat and well-choreographed performance. Contestants are not required to sing, and the choreographed moves will be well rehearsed; you do not need to be a dancer.

How is the Miss Nepal US Pageant judged?

Each contestant will be judged in three areas of competition; Interview, Talent Performance and Evening Gown. Judging criteria includes character, poise, confidence and general Elegance.

What does Miss Nepal US will do after she is selected?

Chosen among the talented young Nepali women across the US, the winner will be the title bearer for a year and remain an active figure in various public events representing the Nepali Community in the US. Rest assured, as you carry your title well and stay involved, you will be showered with offers from every directions we can’t even think of right now; media exposure, TV and radio interviews and advertisement opportunities are the few ‘stereotyped’ ones that you are bound to get.

If I win, will it interfere with school?

We consider your school the number one priority! Our program only encourages your success! Almost all of your appearances, celebrity events, and charity works will take place during the weekend and scheduled well in advance to obviate any conflicts.

How can I become a judge for Miss Nepal US Pageant?

Direct an email to with your portfolio and a write up about yourself that you deem noteworthy and makes you stand out. We will follow up at the sooner.

I want to be a sponsor for this pageant. How do I do that?

The detail information accessed HERE. You are welcome to contact our team at with any queries. We have a number of sponsorship packages or we can design one that caters to the needs of your company or organization better.

I want to be a volunteer for the pageant. What kinds of volunteers do you need?

First, Thank you. We highly regard your contribution and make sure that they are duly recognized in a long run. Visit Volunteer page in the Event Info tab and get in touch with us soon. Even though there is not a particular position that suits you, we may still take you on board as long as you come with a skill of some kind.

How can I receive periodic updates from the Miss Nepal US Organizer?

Once you register for the contest, you are automatically added to our mailing list database and will receive regular updates via email.

What if I have a question but didn't find the answer here?

Please email us at in these precarious almost impossible strategic goals before removing these areas.

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