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Miss Nepal US 2012 is a grand beauty pageant for the young Nepali women of the age group 18 to 27 from all across the USA. A singular event of glamour and glory, Miss Nepal US 2012 will celebrate the arts and culture of Nepal and crown intelligence, talent and beauty. The entire event is inspired by the goal of inculcating a sense of connectedness in every Nepali who has created a home away from home in United States.

A dedicated team of outstanding mentors will provide ample support and world-class training for every participant to attain her best self and compete for the coveted title of Miss Nepal US 2012. Here is a chance for every aspiring young girl who has travelled to this ‘land of opportunity’ to earn international fame and add wings to her dreams. Amid wide acclaim and new avenues of success, the winner will be a youth icon and add glory to the Nepali community in USA.

We aim at identifying talented young women who can uphold our national pride in United States and around the world. We pride ourselves in the fact that our judging criteria for the Miss Nepal US are grounded on our search for an inner beauty which the participants shall display through their intelligence and meritorious conduct throughout the competition. Hence, participants are not required to expose their body in swimsuits. In fact, we have intentionally abandoned such need for this pageant. The winner for the beauty pageant will be chosen based on their personality, overall attitude, public speaking skills, talent and their ability to form intellectual opinions on issues of national and international concern.

Just as much as Miss Nepal US 2012 is about felicitating the winners of this beauty-with-brain contest, it is about Nepal and every other Nepali. With the motto of ‘Empowering Youths, Promoting Nepal’, the event will serve as a platform for all the participants to achieve their personal, professional and philanthropic goals with valuable interactions and experience of empowerment gained throughout the contest.

Audition for the final 30 contestants begins from July at major cities, strategically selected to cover the Nepali diaspora in USA. The participants apply online and show up for the audition at different venues. Click here for the audition dates and venues.

The final event slated for August 11, 2012, in Washington DC Metro will be a spectacular gala of 30 amazing women contesting for the prestigious title of Miss Nepal US 2012. The event shall be graced by members of jury and dignitaries who have achieved eminence in their life along with spectacular performances and cuisine to perk us all up.
Our Goals and Objectives:
We envision to:
  • IDENTIFY and honor talents in the young Nepali women living in US. Through this venture, we intend to spark enthusiasm in the entire youth circle at large.
  • PROMOTE the richness of Nepali art and culture and diversity in an international arena and take pride in our national heritage collectively.
  • HONOR the hidden talents in the youth by rewarding them in different categories with public appreciation. We also deeply believe in inspiring the youths by sharing the accomplishments of other successful Nepali individuals in United States.
  • SERVE as a platform to one and all: winners, participants and audience alike, for an experience valuable enough to encourage growth at the personal, social and global sphere.
  • INSPIRE every Nepali woman, to make of herself, a woman of success who pursues a life of purpose and meaningful engagement.
  • IMPART a strong message to the youth circle that humanitarianism and glamour are not mutually exclusive. Instead, fame and credibility can be helpful assets to launch youth civic-engagement and build youth leadership for the good of the nation and the world.
Audition for the final event begins this July. Come with your enthusiasm and spark. Above all, that is what we look for in our contestants. It is solely your attitude; intellectual vigor, independent spirit and your willingness to learn and grow that will set you apart from the rest and will eventually chart your way towards the title. Rest, our mentors will cast a magic spell on your personality and coach you into your success. But let us make it clear; we absolutely demand your best!

The format of the audition is exquisitely planned so that every participant can fully showcase herself. You will interact with the judges, express your critical opinions on different issues and show your talent in the field of your interest.
Audition Venues and Dates are Available here
Workshop & Training:
The selected 30 participants will get an opportunity to receive one week of residential training from August 13 to August 19, 2012. The training session will be eclectic and may we say ‘electric’ in every possible ways. And we bet unforgettable too!

Here’s a glimpse:
  • Guest lectures
  • Coaching sessions from professionals
  • Group excursion
  • Indoor and Outdoor Photo-shoot
Final Event with Cultural Extravaganza:
The Participants will show their brain and beauty in this particular day. One of the participants will win the title of “Miss NEPAL US 2012”. The Jury will select the winner of the event according to the performance of the contestants throughout the whole event. Other remaining titles and sub-titles (1st Runner-up, 2nd Runner-up, Best Cat Walk, Most Talent, Most discipline, Most Photogenic, Most Popular, Most friendly, Best Personality, Best Smile, Best Dress and Best Hair) winner will be also announced. During the event, popular artist will perform on the stage with their performance.

The final event will be held on 11th August 2012 (Saturday) in Washington DC metro area. Details about the venue will be published here soon.
Event Venue & Date
Venue: TBA
Date: 11th August 2012 (Saturday)
Time:7 pm onwards
Award for Selected Contestants (Finalist) & Winner:
  • The winner of this pageant will receive a combination of case & gift prizes with the retail value of $5000.00 including scholarship and others gifts certificates. Similarly, the 1st Runner-up & 2nd Runner-up will also receive a combination of case & gift prizes with the retail value of $3000.00 & $2000.00 respectively including scholarship and others gifts certificates
  • Lodging and food during the training session (Optional & Additional fee needed).
  • Costume for the Grand Finale Event.
  • Educational Visit at different places in Washington DC Metro and its surroundings.
  • Outdoor and Indoor photo session.
  • Training regarding the grand event by professional Choreographer and Trainers.
  • Personality Development, Leadership training, Art & Living, Information Technology, Dance technique, Women Rights, Health & Social Awareness Classes by professionals.
  • Certificates & Token of Love to each participants and winners.
  • Involvement in different social activities related to the children issues as Goodwill Ambassador with different social organizations. Brand name Printed T-Shirt.
Let your beauty shine: Come, Explore & Lead the World!

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